When Is It Time To Buy A New Car?

Is it time to buy a new car? Before you head to your favorite used car dealership in Los Angeles in search of cheap cars for sale, you may want to consider the status of your existing vehicle. Is it really time for a replacement? Here are some signs to watch for that indicate you are in need of a new vehicle, and soon.

1. You Could Save Significantly on Fuel

If your existing car is a gas-guzzler, upgrading to a new, more efficient model could save you significantly in the long run. Why? Because if you go from a car that gets 26 mpg to one that gets 34, you can save almost $240 a year. While that won’t cover your car payment, it’s not chump change either.

2. You Have a Safety Issue

Is your car regularly stalling at busy intersections? Have you experienced serious issues with your brakes? Does it have a known flaw that you don’t have the money or desire to fix? All of these are indicators that it’s time for an upgrade. You don’t want to be driving when a major component breaks and you are stranded in the middle of oncoming traffic. That is a serious accident waiting to happen.

3. Costly Repairs are Looming

Not all problems are safety problems, but if you know that your older vehicle is going to need a costly repair, like a transmission replacement, you may find that it’s more cost effective to buy something different. Also, if you have a problem that your mechanic can’t seem to fix, and that problem is making the car difficult to drive, consider replacement. Some models are just troublesome, and older cars are sometimes not worth the cost of repair.

4. It’s a Good Time to Buy

If you are thinking that it may be time for a new car, and the factors that mean cars are cheaper are in place, then you definitely want to start shopping. Towards the end of the month or when models are changing over for the new year, you can find cheap cars at your local car dealership. Also, around most major holidays, dealerships will run holiday sales events that can bring in big rebates or better trade-in prices, so keep your eyes on the advertisements around these times.

5. Your Lifestyle Has Changed

That mini van that you had when you were carting kids back and forth to sports games and school programs was a good idea. However, now that the kids are driving their own vehicles, do you really need such a large vehicle? Probably not. Similarly, if your family is growing, your compact sedan may no longer fit. If you have a major job change that requires you to drive farther away, your existing vehicle may not be fuel efficient enough to handle the commute. If your vehicle doesn’t fit your current lifestyle, it’s time to start shopping.

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