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Edmunds Trade In Value Estimator

Edmunds Trade-In Value Estimator

Know your true car trade-in value using this interactive tool. Just provide a few details and your vehicle will be instantly appraised to estimate the value of your trade-in, right here on our website.

How Does This Car Value Tool Work?

We use the Edmunds trade-in value estimator because it’s the most accurate tool of its kind. It is completely free to use. Only the specific details of your car (year, make, model, trim) are needed; you will not be asked for any personal information.

This is also the fastest price estimator for used car trade-ins available. Fill out the form, and in a minute or less, you can learn the True Market Value® for your vehicle!

What Is a Trade-In Value?

The trade-in value is what we’d offer for your vehicle, not as cash, but to apply toward the purchase of another model in our inventory. A vehicle’s trade-in value is typically close to the wholesale value it would sell for at an auction. Depending on various factors, it can significantly reduce the upfront costs of a used car purchase and your monthly payments.

What Do I Do with the Trade-In Value of My Car?

If you are selling your car, you want to get a good return for it, but there are many factors to consider. One is depreciation; every car depreciates over time. Knowing the trade-in value for a car gives you a benchmark as you visit dealerships. You can compare the Edmunds trade-in value to any offers you get.

When an offer is more than the number you received online, it’s a good one to accept. You also know when an offer is on the low side. You can consider other factors in play, such as the dealership having too many similar vehicles in its inventory. Most real-world offers won’t match the online trade-in estimate, but they certainly give you a reference.

If you’re buying a used car, provide the dealership with the Edmunds number for the car you want. The dealer retail value is most important, as this is what you’ll pay. You can either determine whether the advertised price is a good deal or, if the asking price is higher than the estimate, ask the dealer to match or beat the Edmunds price.

Using this trade-in estimator can serve as an effective negotiating tool.

How Accurate Are Edmunds Trade-In Values?

Used car trade-in values from Edmunds are widely believed to be the most accurate in the industry. Valuations for specific makes and models, including individual trims and model years, are frequently updated. Edmunds’s algorithm also factors in the vehicle’s mileage and the car’s original and current market pricing; it analyzes car sales from across the country as well. While not every dealership uses this trade-in value as a reference, it’s a good starting point if you’re looking to score a fair price.

When Is a Trade-In the Better Option?

Trading in a vehicle is beneficial when you owe more on the loan than the car’s appraised value. Otherwise, you’d have to pay the difference out of pocket. The dealership can roll the balance into a new loan if you still owe money after the trade-in credit is applied. 

You have positive equity if the vehicle is worth more than you owe.  The price of a used car purchase can be reduced by the amount you sell your current vehicle for. Therefore, it’s best that you’ve paid off the car loan before considering a trade-in.

How Do I Trade In a Car?

First, use our car appraisal tool to estimate your vehicle’s trade-in value. It takes just minutes. The Edmunds trade-in value isn’t an actual offer. Therefore, the next step is to take the car to a dealership and receive an offer. Depending on the dealership’s current inventory, the car’s condition, or special trade-in promotions, you might get a better deal. Getting multiple offers is an option, but using the Edmunds trade-in value estimator provides information you can use to show the dealer you’ve done your research.

What Trade-In Mistakes Should I Avoid?

Even if your car has small dents, don’t spend your hard-earned money repairing it. Minor repairs typically cost the dealer much less. Also, avoid claiming you received a higher trade-in estimate;  the dealership may ask to see it in writing. Present the offer you received and don’t wait until the last minute to discuss a trade-in deal. Lastly, don’t argue too much over the car’s value; an appraisal is just an estimate based on averages. If the numbers don’t match, you can still negotiate a lower price on the car you want.

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