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At Hawthorne Auto Square we only require three things:

  • Proof of income
  • Proof of residence
  • Form of identification
    • Driver’s license
    • ID
    • Passport
    • Matricula
    • Other forms of foreign government identification

For those who have no proof of income, we have special finance programs in place just for you!

At Hawthorne Auto Square, we accept all forms of income. If you have a normal check stub, like most, no problem! However, if you get paid SSI, retirement benefits, VA, or any other form of government benefit, we accept those as well. For those who get paid cash, we have finance programs in place for you.

No, at Hawthorne Auto Square we are the bank and we loan our own money. So, we don’t need to find a third-party lender who’s gonna scrutinize you on your credit or job. Whether you have an income or not, at Hawthorne Auto Square we’re gonna guarantee you an approval.

Our in-house financing program is one of the biggest perks Hawthorne Auto Square has. Most customers will be eligible for that within a two-year period. The program is built for those who are first-time buyers, those who really want to establish themselves, and even those who will be making more money in the future and want to upgrade into a nicer car within two years and not have to wait for five, six, or even seven.

At Hawthorne Auto Square we focus on 48-month terms with affordable car payments. We want to make sure our clients can pay off their cars quicker and not be buried in high interest charges. Unlike other dealers, we don’t like to stretch out our cars for six, seven, or eight years. We want to make sure that our customers are not buried in cars they can’t get out of.

Well, at Hawthorne Auto Square we are the bank. We’re the biggest and largest in-home, buy here, pay here dealer. We’ve been at the same location for over 25 years helping good people get back on their feet. We’re not credit-driven and more income-based. So, if you’re worried about your credit situation getting you into a car, don’t let that bother you. At Hawthorn Auto Square, I’m going to guarantee you a loan today.

Do not be discouraged! Hawthorne Auto Square has special finance programs in place just for you. Whether you have a six hundred, five hundred, even four hundred credit score, we can guarantee your loan regardless of credit situation and make sure you drive home today.

At Hawthorne Auto Square you get approved in minutes, not hours. It doesn’t get easier than that. Call now or apply online now!

Unlike other dealers or traditional banks, Hawthorne Auto Square will not deny you based off your credit score. So, whether you’re a first-time buyer, you have perfect credit, or even a repo yesterday we have finance programs in place to get you the best deal.

The answer to that is yes. For well-qualified buyers, we have credit unions willing to do 100% financing. So, don’t stress and don’t worry. Come on down to Hawthorn Auto Square and let our finance managers find you the best deal.

The answer to that is yes! We have a referral program that pays up to $200 per referral you send us. We’ve had clients make well over thousands of dollars doing so! So, help us get you paid.