What You Need To Know About Credit When Financing A Vehicle

There are many reasons why the right car dealership in Los Angeles can be a valuable asset when looking to purchase a car. When you need a car loan to purchase your first car, or you have less than perfect credit and you need car financing – there are a number of things you can do today, to obtain the best car financing available.

The first thing you should do is partner with a car dealership that has a good approval rating for those with bad or no credit, offers an extended time frame to pay the down payment, and has a good selection of gently used cars. To get the best car financing available, here are some tips on what you need to know about credit when financing a vehicle:

  • Know Your Budget – Buying a car and completing on-time payments can help improve your credit rating. Therefore, know how much you can afford for a monthly car note to prevent getting behind on payments – which will negatively affect your credit rating. It’s also a good idea to have 20% of the car price saved for your down payment. That way, your monthly car note will be less.
  • Check Your Credit Report – Every 12 months, you can get a free copy of your credit report from any of the three agencies. Often, there may be small, forgotten payments (an old cable TV bill, for example) that you can quickly clear up. Also, plan ahead by reducing any lingering bank or retail credit card balances. Paying off revolving credit accounts  will reduce your amount of debt and improve your credit score.
  • Consider All Credit Options – For those with no credit history, consider asking a relative to be a co-signer to help you establish a record of good financial responsibility. If you already have good credit, speak with your preferred lender to get pre-approved for the amount you are willing to spend for a car purchase. For those with less-than-stellar credit, work with a dealership that offers financing through their banking relationships.
  • Do The Math – Before signing on the dotted line, consider the numbers. The model and make of the car, how old is the care, the financing interest rate, the length of the loan in months, and your down payment – are all variable and should be carefully considered in order to get a good car at the best price for your budget and credit rating. Often, a newer, standard model car with a good industry rating will be financed for less money than an older car with all the  bells and whistles.

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