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Buying a Used Volkswagen in Los Angeles – Your Complete Guide

Volkswagen is reputable for performance, durability, and fuel efficiency. The German company produces a wide range of vehicles. Whether you’re looking for a used Volkswagen Jetta, Golf, Passat, Tiguan, or Beetle, you can find what you need and want at Hawthorne Auto Square. 

Our local dealership offers many incentives to purchase your next used car. Each vehicle is carefully inspected before being put up for sale, so you can be confident when you drive off our lot. Plus, we offer affordable payment options and a comprehensive service and maintenance plan. Have bad credit or income constraints? We have affordable financing options for every situation to help get you into a used Volkswagen in Los Angeles.

Why Choose a Used Volkswagen?

Volkswagen has many popular models and has accrued high ratings for:

  • Reliability: Volkswagen cars have high-quality engines and can go a long time without major repairs. You can expect consistent performance, reasonable service costs, the latest automotive technologies, and exceptional performance.
  • Comfort: Depending on the model, you can have ergonomic front seats, leather upholstery, premium materials, or a luxury cabin design. Volkswagen’s seats are designed to maximize support and stability so you can enjoy comfort during short and long rides.
  • Safety: The latest safety features in Volkswagen vehicles include lane departure warnings, collision warning systems, external cameras, adaptive cruise control, emergency braking, blind spot monitoring, and anti-theft systems. The VW Car-Net® Security & Service app keeps you constantly connected to your car.
  • Affordability: German engineers developed Volkswagen vehicles to be affordable to most people. Its cars are now available at prices to meet any budget, from the fun yet economical Beetle to the compact family-oriented Jetta to the Tiguan, a luxury SUV.

There are financial benefits as well. Volkswagen vehicles have a slower depreciation rate than average, and used models decrease in value much less than new cars. Therefore, you’re less likely to lose money by potentially selling the car in the future. Insurance rates also tend to be lower since a used car isn’t as valuable; you’ll save initially and through lower monthly payments.

Buying a used vehicle has environmental benefits as well. The car has already been manufactured; no parts, materials, or resources are needed to produce it. The vehicle and its parts get more use, decreasing resource utilization and reducing strain on junkyards and other waste disposal facilities.

Researching Your Options

Knowing the benefits, you have more reasons to visit Hawthorne Auto Square, a Volkswagen dealership that offers many top models. We often have an influx of inventory that includes cars like the Volkswagen Golf, Jetta, and Passat. Finding the right car depends on what you need. Will a small sedan suit your budget, or do you need a larger SUV for the family? Then look at trim levels and options. You may like leather seats, chrome wheels, turbocharged engines, and a sporty look and response. Or, you may be satisfied with just the basics.

You can use our online inventory or visit us to compare each vehicle. Take a test drive to see how it handles and if you’re comfortable. There are also many online resources to learn about and compare Volkswagen cars. But aside from finding the model you want, its condition is just as important. Check its vehicle history report, which may show its accident, recall, and service history, warranty status. and details on ownership.

Inspecting and Test Driving a Used Volkswagen

Used cars can have hidden problems that can cost you a great deal later. Since your goal is to save money and enjoy the perks of a high-quality used Volkswagen in Los Angeles, you should look for:

  • Signs of Wear and Tear: Is the car extensively scratched or dented, or are there signs of significant body repairs in the past? Also, check for cracked windshields, uneven paint colors, worn tires, and damaged lights.
  • Interior Damage: Check for torn upholstery, seats that don’t adjust, defective seatbelts, and signs of water damage under mats, seat covers, and around window and door seals. Check interior lights, controls, and for foul odors.
  • Engine Wear/Damage: Under the hood, look for signs of rust and engine damage. Check the oil level with a dipstick. Wires, belts, nuts, and bolts should appear in good condition.

During your test drive, take note of the car’s main performance aspects, including acceleration, braking, and how it handles on turns. Listen to the sound of the engine. Test the flashers, wipers, and radio controls to ensure they work properly.

Financing a Used Volkswagen

Determine the car’s fair market value before discussing its price with your Volkswagen dealership. You can do this with a resource such as CarMax or our Edmunds Trade-In Value Estimator. The vehicle appraisal can be a benchmark for negotiating a price with a salesperson.

Then you can determine a financing option that works for you. At Hawthorne Auto Square, we have a streamlined process that makes securing car financing easy. Our in-house programs include the following:

  • Take 5 months to build your down payment.
  • Financing with an APR as low as 2.9%.
  • Acceptance of disability, SSI, and any form of income.

Get pre-approved for financing by filling out our online form. We’ll need just a few details, with no paperwork, and we will provide an offer within a few minutes. No matter your type of income or whether you have bad credit or no credit, we’ll tell you the loan amount, annual percentage rate, and monthly payments you qualify for.

Securing financing with a dealership is beneficial because:

  • The offer can reflect the type of vehicle you want.
  • You avoid paperwork and waiting for loan decisions from a bank.
  • More flexible requirements so that you can rebuild or improve your credit.

Closing the Deal

Once you receive a sales contract, review the fine details to ensure there are no hidden costs or errors. If there are any mistakes or surprises after you sign the contract, it will be difficult to change anything. While you’re in the final stages of the purchase, also discuss any warranty or service contract the dealer offers. It can cover common repairs and maintenance and save you time and money. 

Once the paperwork is complete, you can drive off our lot with your used Volkswagen Passat, Golf, or another car and enjoy it for many years.

Which Is the Best Used Volkswagen?

The Golf is the brand’s best-seller. It’s been a template for many other five-door hatchbacks and front-wheel drive vehicles. Other top models include the Jetta, Tiguan, Atlas, and Passat.

How Long Can a Volkswagen Last?

Depending on the model, how it’s cared for, and its frequency of use, a well-maintained Volkswagen can last anywhere from 100,000 to 200,000 miles.

Is a Volkswagen Expensive to Maintain?

Maintenance costs are improving. But in general, VW cars are just slightly higher than average to maintain. They’re generally easy to repair, while the use of synthetic oil means oil changes are more expensive.

Buy a Used Volkswagen in Los Angeles Today

Hawthorne Auto Square has a large selection of high-quality used vehicles. Browse our online inventory or visit us to see what’s on our lot. Our vehicles are road-ready while our reputation, financing options, and service plans help get you into a great car you can afford. Schedule a visit and a test drive of your next Jetta, Golf, Passat, Tiguan, or Beetle by contacting us online or calling (866) 707-7664 today.