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Used Mini Cooper for Sale in Los Angeles, CA

When you purchase a used car, it’s important to find a reliable model so your investment will last many years. A high-quality car will save you on repair costs and fuel consumption. Although owned by BMW, the Mini Cooper is generally an affordable car that people love for its unique styling, tight handling, and selection of trims and body styles. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can find a used Mini Cooper convertible or a sedan, hatchback, or subcompact SUV at Hawthorne Auto Square.

Advantages of Buying a Used Mini Cooper

There are many reasons to consider buying a used Mini Cooper for sale at our buy here pay here dealership. Some of the pros that draw customers to this car include:

  • Affordability: A used Mini with basic features is an affordable car. Higher-end luxury options are available and will cost you more, so you can splurge if you have the budget. 
  • Low Depreciation Rates: Mini Coopers depreciate at a slower rate than many other vehicles. A high resale value is beneficial if you decide to sell your car later.
  • Quality and Performance: Despite a compact design, a Mini Cooper has a spacious cabin for two passengers. It’s easy to park, gets good gas mileage, and has low maintenance and repair requirements.

Buying a pre-owned car is also good for the environment. It reduces waste as the car is resold rather than scrapped. Carbon emissions associated with production and shipping are also reduced. You’re doing a good deed by investing in a used car. And with a used Mini Cooper, there is a wide selection of models and trims, including:

  • MINI Convertible
  • MINI Hardtop 2 Door
  • MINI Hardtop 4 Door
  • MINI Countryman (Compact SUV)
  • MINI Countryman Hybrid
  • MINI Clubman (Station Wagon)
  • MINI John Cooper Works (Racing/Sports)
  • MINI Electric

Why Choose Hawthorne Auto Square for Your Used Mini Cooper Purchase

We are a highly trusted used car dealer conveniently located in Hawthorne, CA. Our inventory consists of many vehicle makes and models, including an extensive selection of pre-owned Mini Coopers. But our range of options isn’t the only reason to choose Hawthorne Auto Square. Customers also purchase used cars from us because of:

  • Extensive Pre-Sale Vehicle Inspections
  • Access to Vehicle History Reports
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Financing Options that Fit Your Budget
  • Service and Maintenance Plan
  • Extended Warranty Options

Finding the Right Used Mini Cooper

Finding the car you want, can afford, and that can last requires some due diligence. But with a little time and patience, you’ll find what you need on our lot. Here are some tips to help you along:

  • Define Your Budget and Requirements: Determine what you can afford and what you need the car for. How many people will ride with you and how far do you plan to travel each day?
  • Research Mini Cooper Models and Trims: Once you have a budget, you can look at models and trims within your price range, or consider leveling up with extra features and options.
  • Consider Mileage, Age, and Condition: A higher mileage, older car with a larger repair history may be less cost-efficient, driving you to move on or negotiate a lower price.
  • Test Drive and Vehicle Inspection: Driving the vehicle before you buy it provides insights into how it performs and responds, while a vehicle inspection can uncover issues you otherwise wouldn’t know of. And don’t forget to thoroughly check the car’s interior and exterior condition.
  • Expert Guidance from Hawthorne Auto Square: Our customer service team is ready to answer all your questions and help you navigate the used Mini Cooper buying process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Mini Cooper Reliable?

The Mini Cooper has earned a “Great” Quality & Reliability rating from J.D. Power, scoring between 82 and 85 out of 100. U.S. News & World Report rated the 2021 Mini Cooper a 7.9 out of 10.

What Does It Cost to Maintain a Mini Cooper?

The cost to maintain a Mini Cooper is higher than average. It requires full-synthetic oil. Estimates for oil change intervals range from 4,000 to 6,000 miles to 10,000 to 12,000 miles.

How Is the Gas Mileage on a Mini Cooper?

Each Mini has an 11.6-gallon gas tank and uses premium gas. The driving range varies depending on the model and driving conditions, but the 2022 Countryman has a range of up to 530 miles.

How Long Does a Mini Cooper Last?

A Mini Cooper can last up to 250,000 miles. On average, the car has a 13- to 15-year lifespan, but with good maintenance, a lifespan of 18 years isn’t unheard of.

Do Mini Coopers Offer Enough Protection in an Accident?

Mini Coopers have a good safety rating from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety.

Hawthorne Auto Square Will Look Out For You

Our team is skilled in all aspects of the used car buying process, including handling title transfers and legal documents. We’ll provide you with vehicle history and maintenance records so you’re fully informed before making a purchase. Hawthorne Auto Square is also a full-service dealership where you can receive maintenance and repairs; after-sales services are covered for six months by our comprehensive extended warranty (all cars come with a 30-day, 1,000-mile warranty).

Aside from protecting your rights as a consumer, we can take your trade-in and apply its value to your next purchase, whether it’s a used Mini Cooper convertible, sedan, or SUV. And our in-house financing programs can’t be beat. We accept all forms of income and do not factor in your credit. Whether you prefer an immediate low-interest payment plan or to take five months to build your down payment, we can get you approved in minutes.

Are You Ready to Purchase a Mini Cooper?

Once you’ve researched the used Mini Cooper you plan to buy, have taken a test drive, and had it inspected by a trusted mechanic, review our purchase agreement. Be sure to read it over carefully. Using your knowledge and insights, consider any points to negotiate on and present a counteroffer. We’ll happily work with you to arrive at a fair price. 

Contact Hawthorne Auto Square or Visit Us Today

If you’re seeking a used Mini Cooper for sale, we offer many models. You can also browse our full inventory online. If you want to learn more about our vehicles and services or have a model in mind and want to schedule a test drive, call (866) 707-7664 or visit our store at 11646 Prairie Avenue, Hawthorne, CA 90250.

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