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Used Honda Civic for Sale in Los Angeles, CA

Hawthorne Auto Square, a Los Angeles used car dealership local vehicle owners trust, is proud to offer many options for customers looking to buy a used Honda Civic. On the market for more than 40 years, the Civic is reputable, economical, and reliable. Whether you’re looking for a deal on a Honda sedan, hatchback, or Si model, you can find it in our large, up-to-date inventory.

Why Should I Buy a Honda Civic Used?

The Honda Civic is reputable for many good reasons. People often choose the Honda brand for its versatility and affordability. But the innovations and features of its compact cars make it an undeniable choice over other major car brands. 

Consumers also choose the Honda Civic for these benefits:

  • Longevity: A Honda Civic is built to last. With proper maintenance, a Civic can run for 20 years with up to 300,000 miles.
  • Value: The Civic is always in high demand. It’s a high-quality car with minimal depreciation.
  • Affordability: You’ll get a great price on a used Honda Civic and probably spend less on maintenance and repairs than other cars. Registration fees and insurance rates are below average.
  • Luxury Features at a Great Price: Find a Honda Civic with increased cargo capacity or a sunroof, heated leather seats, automatic climate control, push-start button, or navigation options.

The 11th-generation Honda Civic was introduced in 2022. It includes LX and Sport trim levels that feature a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, while the Si version has a 1.5-liter 200-hp turbocharged engine and 6-speed manual transmission. The EX and Touring models also come with a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine.

Also highly rated for safety, the Civic has standard safety features such as Forward Collision Warning, Lane Keeping Assist System, Adaptive Cruise Control with Low-Speed Follow, Road Departure Mitigation, Lane Keeping Assist System, Vehicle Stability Assist with Traction Control, Electronic Brake Distribution, and many more.

How to Find a Used Honda Civic

A Honda Civic in used form can last many years, so it’s important to take time to find just the right car. Here are some tips and information on costs if you’re in the market for a used Civic:



Although the base model, the Honda Civic LX has many high-quality features. These include a 7-inch color touchscreen, automatic climate control, and a 4-speaker audio system. The Sport trim includes remote engine start, Sport/Normal/Eco drive modes, an 8-speaker audio system, and 18-inch gloss black alloy wheels. 

Meanwhile, the EX adds a one-touch moonroof, dual climate control, and heated side mirrors while the Touring trim has a 9-inch touchscreen, 12-speaker Bose audio system (with subwoofer), and integration with wireless Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™.

With so many models and features to choose from, it’s important to find a dealership that has a large inventory. Buying from a private seller limits your options. At Hawthorne Auto Square, we have a rotating selection of used Honda Civics, so we can help you find the car that meets all your needs.

Inspect the Vehicle

Before purchasing a used car, inspect the body for scratches, dents, and other signs of damage. Rust and other signs of wear and tear can be a dealbreaker, but if you find any imperfections, you can use them as leverage to negotiate a lower price. Check the condition of the cabin including tears or stains on seats, signs of smoke, or issues with cleanliness such as mold.

In addition, check under the car for leaks. And don’t forget to take a test drive. It will help you evaluate the car’s steering and braking response, engine power, and the feel of its suspension. You should get a smooth ride before choosing to invest in the vehicle. Also, test out the controls and electronics to ensure everything is working properly and you’re comfortable using the vehicle’s features.

Look Into Your Financing Options

Depending on the dealership, you can lease a used car. But the most common options are to take out a loan or get the vehicle financed. In-house financing from Hawthorne Auto Square streamlines the process regardless of your credit or income. You can benefit from low monthly payments and a low interest rate. We can work within your budget and you can be approved for financing and drive off our lot the same day.

Other Cost Considerations

In addition to the purchase price, dealership fees, and taxes, you’ll need to think about the cost of ownership when budgeting for a used Honda Civic. Some considerations  include:

  • Registration: Including the registration fee from the Department of Motor Vehicles and the California Highway Patrol fee.
  • Insurance: The Civic is a popular car and one of the most frequently stolen, so insurance rates are higher than average but generally reasonable.
  • Maintenance/Repair: Add a few hundred dollars per year to your budget for regular maintenance. Hondas are less likely than other cars to need frequent or major repairs. 

What Are the Best Model Years for a Used Honda Civic?

The 2006, 2010, and 2013-2021 model years are widely considered to be the best. These models are less likely to have engine trouble.

How Does the Honda Civic Compare to the Honda Accord?

If a compact car meets your needs, the Civic is the car to choose. The Accord is a larger mid-size sedan, but the Civic is known for its better fuel economy and overall value.

What Is the Optimal Mileage to Buy a Used Honda Civic?

Some Honda Civics have lasted 200,000, and in rare case, even 500,000 miles. A car that’s hit 100,000 miles on the odometer can be a safe choice. Given the Civic’s reputation for reliability, anything under 80,000 miles is considered great.

Shop at Hawthorne Auto Square

The Honda Civic is a reliable, long-lasting car that offers a lot of features and benefits at a great value. Know your budget, wants, and needs before shopping around, and carefully research and evaluate the car you plan on purchasing. You can find a Honda Civic used at our buy here pay here dealership at a great price. We also offer unbeatable financing, warranties, and service plans.

Visit Hawthorne Auto Square or call (866) 707-7664 today to learn more.