Top Family Vehicles

When kids come along, the requirements you have for your vehicle often shift from things such as performance and power to things such as cargo space and safety. Still, there are a select few vehicles that offer everything you could want out of a family vehicle while still looking great and performing like a dream. Below are a few of the best family cars to buy if you are looking for a vehicle that will comfortably accommodate your growing family. 

Honda CR-V 

The Honda CR-V is a 2-row, 5 passenger SUV that makes for an incredibly well-rounded family vehicle. One of the many things that the CR-V does well is that it creates space without feeling overly large, and the CR-V offers forty cubic feet of storage behind the rear seats while still feeling like a relatively sleek and slim vehicle. Add to this all of the safety and technology features that come with the newer models of the CR-V and you’ve got a worthy contender for the title of best family cars to buy. 

Chevy Tahoe

The Chevy Tahoe is a family vehicle that packs a punch. It’s a full-size SUV that you could use to take the kids to school one day then use its V8 engine and solid frame construction to haul a boat to the lake the next. The Tahoe’s three throw seating will comfortably fit eight passengers, and the third row folds down in order to provide 90+ cubic feet of storage depending on the year model. If you are looking for a family vehicle that is every bit a powerful workhorse as it is a tot-hauler, the Chevy Tahoe is up to the task. 

Toyota Highlander 

The Toyota Highlander is a best-seller in the 3-row SUV class year after year, and for good reason. The interior of the car is both attractive and spacious with three rows and eight seats, the ride is compliant and – especially in the V6 models – surprisingly powerful, and the safety features are state-of-the-art. When it comes to 3-row SUVs, the Highlander certainly isn’t the new kid on the block, but it is a good example of why you don’t always have to change a winning formula. 

Honda Odyssey

For ten years in a row, Honda’s best-selling minivan has made Kelley Blue Book’s list of the best family cars. While all minivans are going to provide plenty of room and ease of entry, the Honda Odyssey goes above and beyond, offering a litany of useful features and ride that is smooth and enjoyable. In newer models of the Odyssey, these features include a tricked-out infotainment system, a built-in vacuum, collision mitigation braking, adaptive cruise control, and much more. Best of all, the Honda Odyssey manages to handle like a much smaller vehicle, making parking and city driving easier than it is in most any other minivan. 


Finding a vehicle that will seat your entire family doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice performance, features, or aesthetics. If you are in the market for a great family car to buy that offers everything you could want out of a family vehicle and more, be sure to stop by Hawthorne Auto Square to check out our wide range of excellent family vehicles.