At Hawthorne Auto Square, our many years in the used car business have taught us how important car maintenance is. Here are some answers to common questions, which can help you keep your used car going for longer:

Why Does My Car Need Regular Maintenance?

A maintenance schedule is laid out by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Aside from preventing more serious, costly problems later it can help your car perform better. For example, changing fluids and dirty filters can avoid premature wear on more complex parts. Bad sparks or worn belts can damage radiators, transmissions, and engines. Maintenance can also prevent inconvenient breakdowns that interfere with your schedule.

How Often Does My Car Need Maintenance?

That depends on your vehicle. Some types of service should be done more regularly, including brakes, fluid checks, and oil changes, while timing belt replacements are among services you might only need once or twice. Time and mileage intervals are key factors, which your vehicle’s manufacturer should list. Your car, truck, or SUV also has internal clocks so indicator lights will notify you when maintenance is required.

Can Maintenance Expenses Pay Off Over Time?

A lot of automotive professionals say regular maintenance pays off in the long run. If you assume an oil change, for example, every 4,000- or 5,000-miles costs $25 on average, you’ll spend a few hundred dollars on oil over the life of a vehicle that lasts 100,000 miles. By contrast, replacing an engine costs about $4,000.

What Are the Most Common Forms of Automobile Maintenance?

Manufacturers most often recommend fluid inspections and replacing routine parts such as brake pads, air filters, and spark plugs. Tire rotations/alignments are important too. Also pay attention to your car manual’s recommendations regarding coolant, axle, and transmission fluid exchange and timing belt replacement.

Why Should I Replace My Light Bulbs?

Adequate lighting is essential for other drivers to see you, so it’s a safety requirement. There are over 100 light bulbs on the average vehicle, and one in three vehicles have at least one light burned out. Spotting burn-outs is part of a routine inspection, which is one more reason for having your vehicle inspected. You can receive a traffic violation by driving with a burnt out headlight or tail light.

Can Where I Buy Gas Harm My Vehicle?

Believe it or not, yes. To protect your vehicle, fuel up at a busy gas station rather than one with few customers. Gas quality can decrease if it’s been sitting for a long time. If the gasoline delivery truck is refilling the underground tank, impurities may be released and can get into your gas tank, and then reach vital components.

What If I Keep Driving with the Check Engine Light?

In most cases, you can keep going until you reach your destination. But don’t wait too long to have your car inspected. The Check Engine Light may or may not point to a serious problem. You want to make sure any issue, no matter how big or small, is addressed.

Hawthorne Auto Square: An Expert in Used Car Sales and Maintenance

There’s a reason we are the top dealer of used cars in Hawthorne. We have an extensive, always changing inventory of vehicles, so can find one that fits all your wants and needs. A used car can last you many years because we ensure it is maintained and meets strict requirements before allowed on our lot. Contact our sales department at 866-707-7664 or visit our showroom to discuss your requirements.