Finding a used minivan for sale can be an exciting experience. Minivans come in many shapes and sizes to meet the needs of families and other owners who need space for people and cargo. Purchasing a used minivan can help you benefit from a larger vehicle at a lower cost. Here, we’ll provide tips for finding used minivans and the best features to look for.

Start With Tireless Research

Unless you do extensive research, you may miss out on a minivan that meets your exact needs. Narrowing down your choices requires knowing what you want. Shop around to see what’s on the market and use every resource available to learn the average prices in your area. While research can ultimately help you save more, it also helps you select the best models and features.

Some of the most reliable used minivans for sale include:

  • Toyota Sienna: The Sienna has the reliability and longevity you’d expect of any Toyota. It can last 300,000 miles with proper care. The 2018 model includes a sophisticated infotainment system and smartphone integration, not to mention a robust V6 engine.
  • Honda Odyssey: Respected for its smooth ride and stable handling, the Odyssey offers family-friendly tech and safety features. While not the cheapest option, it offers supportive seating and numerous trim options.
  • Kia Sedona: It can seat up to eight passengers with no compromise in power. A V6 engine, high safety scores, and an intuitive infotainment system make this a great used minivan choice. The cozy interior is well-suited for family travel.

Set Your Budget

Before car shopping, you should know what you can afford. Having a number in mind enables you to narrow down the models and features that fit your budget. Also, consider insurance rates, loan interest, registration, and the potential for repairs in the future. Getting the most expensive model you can afford may not be wise. But you can pick a reasonably priced one and manage the costs of ownership.

Know What Features to Look For

A minivan’s features can improve safety and help you get the most out of your investment. Here are some you should consider in a used minivan for sale:

  • Side Curtain Airbags: A minivan with side curtain airbags for all three rows is ideal for all passengers, including children. They protect the heads of the driver and passengers during side-impact collisions or rollovers. 
  • Folding Third-Row Seats: Minivans stand out because of the storage space they offer. But look for models in which the third row folds flat, so you can add storage room when needed and more easily load items into the vehicle. 
  • Sliding Doors: A lot of minivans include sliding doors. They make it easier to access the middle and rear seats, especially if you have young children or haul lots of equipment. Some models use power-operated hatches, while others have panels that open automatically at the push of a button.
  • Safety/Driver Assistance: The latest safety features include forward collision warning, blind spot warning, and automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection. Lane departure warning, rear cross-traffic alert, and others are often standard in more recent model years.

Take a Test Drive

Consider test-driving every model you’re considering. It gives you a chance to evaluate any defects on the outside and inside of the minivan. A test drive also lets you evaluate the vehicle’s handling, steering, acceleration, braking, and gear shifting. 

Listen for any noises that can indicate a mechanical issue. Also, check the tire pressure and tread depth, adjust and inspect the mirrors, make sure the seatbelts are functional, and that all the lights work. See that visibility is adequate, all controls are reachable, and that the radio and infotainment features work as expected.

Does It Meet All Your Needs?

If the vehicle is in good condition, handles well, and feels right, chances are you’ve found the right one. Sliding doors, remote start, stow-and-go features, and other amenities make minivans highly convenient. Combined with a smooth ride, these can help make your next minivan a resourceful vehicle for everyone. You can take almost anything you want on a road trip while every occupant is comfortable.

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