As automobiles become more high-tech and increasingly connected, the way your car is maintained is likely to change. Digital dashboards may provide precise details on a problem with the vehicle. You may even have the option to schedule service at a preferred location or the closest automotive shop. Here are some ways technology may impact car maintenance in the future.

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  • AI-Guided Repairs – A variety of systems will collect data and monitor your vehicle’s operating parameters. Constant monitoring means you will never have to ask the AI to run diagnostics; it will tell you if something is wrong. If your car were to break down, the onboard computer could narrow down the causes, direct you to take the appropriate steps, and either order a replacement part or direct you to the nearest supply shop. It may even talk you through the steps in fixing the problem, if possible.
  • Software Updates for Cars – You’ve most likely experienced this: You turn on your computer, or are browsing the web, and a notification tells you software updates are pending. In the future, your car may act somewhat like your computer’s operating system. Tesla performs “over-the-air” updates every few months for its Model S. It’s feasible the car of the future will receive updates for infotainment features, to adjust its performance, and help manage battery power. Autonomous systems will most certainly require periodic updates to help improve reliability and safety.
  • Diagnostic Systems Will Continue to Advance – As diagnostic sensor systems become more sophisticated, they too will require maintenance. You know how to react when something feels wrong. But your vehicle’s sensors can create serious hazards if they don’t function properly. For example, a faulty wheel speed sensor can send erroneous data to the computer, causing it to relay the wrong information to the engine. Such a problem poses a major hazard in an autonomous vehicle. Advanced diagnostic systems can keep track of all your car’s sensors to ensure each is working as designed.

Hawthorne Auto Square has a wide selection of luxury used cars to choose from. You don’t have to sacrifice style to get affordability. Call us today: (866) 707-7664

3D Printed Parts – Cars have many parts that can break at some point. Perhaps a headlight or dashboard panel broke and finding a replacement may take time. By 3D-scanning the original part and running the data through a CAD system, the part can be printed in its full form. This eliminates the need to order the part and wait for it to be delivered. It may not only be practical for future automobile models, but also in printing parts for classic cars too.

Maintenance Will Still Be Required – Despite all the anticipated advancements in technology, cars will still need the same routine maintenance. Oil changes, brake checks, and tire replacements will not go out of style. They’ll still be needed to keep your car running efficiently and safely. The major difference will be the technician who services your vehicle will need to be as knowledgeable about car parts as they are about the vehicle’s computer systems.

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