The holiday season is in full swing, and with it comes an influx of family caravans and last minute shoppers hitting the road. Whether you’re forced to drive through blinding blizzards, attempting to survive the boredom of a mind-numbing road trip, or simply lurking parking spots in the rain, there are a few stocking stuffers that can make your holiday adventures more enjoyable. 

Top Gadgets to Hit the Road with This Holiday Season 

Outfit your ride with some handy safety tools and high-tech gadgets to create a mobile chill space for the entire family. We’ve handpicked items that can save the day in an emergency, entertain a hyper brood, and creature comforts that you’ll never want to drive without again. 


Ztylus Stinger Plus ($21.99)Zytulus Stinger Plus BlackSafety and security is arguably the ultimate luxury. While the Ztylus Stinger won’t prevent a car accident, it can surely help you out of a jam in the event you or a loved one is trapped and unable to get out of a wrecked vehicle. This handy tool has two purposes. The first is a glass shattering feature that allows you to easily smash the dash or car windows for an easier escape. The second lifesaver is a slime blade to slice through jammed seat belts if you are having trouble freeing yourself. This tool can really make all the difference, especially in underwater accidents or when fire or smoke is present in a vehicle. This unit comes with an adapter so you can charge it in your car and on the go. The product is available on Amazon as well for all those holiday Prime shoppers. 

Purifu: Car Air Purifier & Ionizer ($39.99)Purifu Car Air PurifierClean air is something we may take for granted, but is it something we should live without? Purifu says, No! The Purifu: Car Air Purifier & Ionizer makes air purification portable and easy during those long car rides. Do you have a kid with asthma, or maybe an allergy? Well, the Purifu can help with that. By using an electrical charge, the Purifu uses a stream of negative ions to remove microscopic allergens and bacteria from the air in your vehicle. If you have a relative that smokes, this pocket ionizer will zap that lingering smell right out of the atmosphere. No installation is required and there is no need for a filter replacement. 

Huawei Car WiFi Hotspot ($89.99) Huawei Car WiFi HotspotNow this is a gadget worth celebrating. If you have a tech-friendly family that enjoys being attached to their devices during long car rides, pacify their need for Wi-Fi with the Huawei Car WiFi Hotspot. This portable 4G hotspot can support up to 10 devices and is compatible with laptops, smartphones, tablets and handheld gaming devices. It supports download speeds up to 150 Mbps and maxes out at an upload speed of 50 Mbps. Say goodbye to grueling singalongs or the kiddos fighting over what movie to watch in the backseat. Now everyone can have what they want this holiday season with this portable piece of WiFi wizardry. All you’ll need to hook this sucker up is a 12-volt power socket and a SIM card with a data plan, and you’ve got WiFi while you’re on the go. 

Schumacher Jump Starter ($60)Schumacher Jump StarterDon’t get stuck in the snow or ever worry about stalling in the rain again. Jumper cables are great, but you need someone else present to give you that jolt. What if there was a way to have an all-in-one jump starter for your car? Well, there is, and it’s amazing. Think of this as a defibrillator for your car. Not only is the Schumacher a fully automatic battery charger and engine starter, but it comes equipped with an advanced diagnostic testing tool as well. This little bundle can bring even SUVs and large trucks back to life. For added precision, the Schumacher Jump Starter has multi-stage charging and auto-voltage detection to protect battery life. And it’s pretty idiot proof. The reverse hook-up protection feature will not operate if the clamps are reversed. This jump-starter meets UL safety certifications and is compatible with standard, AGM, gel and deep-cycle batteries. 

Back Seat Tablet Holder ($15.99)Back Seat Tablet HolderNow that you have your safety and WiFi covered, time to think about hands-free convenience. If you are constantly struggling to find ways to prop up your passenger’s tablets, then this simple product is made just for you. A backseat tablet holder is a simple and inexpensive add-on that pays for itself in peace of mind. Silence the sounds of thuds emanating from the floorboards. This will keep all the media organized and secure during holiday travel time. This easy to install gadget fits most tablets and is compatible with iPads 1-5 and Air, and fastens easily to the back of the front seat headrests. 

Make the best of this holiday season and treat yourself, or someone you love, to these roving luxuries. Keeping your family content while driving long distances is actually the safest way to travel. The fewer distractions you have while navigating obstacles and weather hazards, the safer your family will be when it comes time to open their gifts. Safe travels. 

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