What magical three-digit number will give you access to all that life has to offer? Yup, you guessed it, your credit rating. There is almost unlimited buying power when you have a perfect credit score.

A perfect credit score is considered anything 800 or higher, with the ultimate brass ring being a credit rating of 850. Fortunately, most lenders consider 760 still within the confines of excellent credit. 760 comes with the same perks that a person with an 800 credit score enjoys, but without the bragging rights. 

Every year more and more consumers contact credit consolidation and restoration firms in an attempt to bring their scores up to a respectable level.

According to data from FICO, as of April 2017, over 20% of Americans have a FICO score of 800 or above.

This is actually a drastic improvement from years past. That means fewer individuals are defaulting on loans or falling behind on their credit card payments. 

Rebuilding your credit can restore a lender’s faith in your creditworthiness, which makes them more inclined to approve you for things like a home loan, small business loans or a car loan. It is essentially impossible to buy a home without the ability to retain a loan, unless you pay all-cash, which is simply not a realistic scenario for most middle-class Americans. 

Payment history accounts for 35% of your credit score. Even if you don’t have a lofty line of credit, as long as you make payments on time, you’re still in good shape. But what if you want to strive for that coveted 800 credit rating? What can you do to improve your bad credit, or rise to that 800 threshold when you currently have no credit? Well, Bloom Credit & Co. is here to help. 

Tips to Getting That 800 Credit Score

Too often people think that an 800 credit score is only reserved for the super-wealthy. That simply isn’t the case. Consumers who have a perfect credit rating just are good at managing their credit and don’t spend beyond their means. Here are some tips for maintaining and/or attaining that perfect credit rating. 

  • Pay for Everything on Time! This is a biggie. If you have even a small doubt that you won’t be able to pay the total balance within the allotted amount of time, it is advised that you don’t make the purchase. As stated before, on-time payments make up a large chunk of your credit score. The more on-time payments you have on your credit report, the better your credit score will likely be. 
  • You Will Benefit From Keeping Your Credit Card Balances Low. Just because you have a high credit limit, doesn’t mean you should use it. People who have perfect credit scores don’t try to abuse their credit balance. Keeping your credit card balance low, preferably somewhere under 30%, is a great way to maintain and build credit. If you want to be an overachiever you could aim even lower, utilizing less than 10% of your credit limit. As an example, for a credit card with a $3,000 credit limit, you should keep your balance at or under $300 to be in good standing. 
  • Avoid Credit Inquiries Unless Absolutely Necessary. Most everyone knows that when a company or lending institution pulls your credit to solidify a loan, your credit takes a hit. Hard inquiries are what you have to watch out for. It isn’t that big of a hit, maybe about 20 points, but if you apply for multiple loans it could make a significant difference. If you are going to apply for a loan that requires a hard inquiry credit check, do your homework first and be sure that this loan is worth it.   

How Long Does it Take to Get an 800 Credit Score? 

Sadly, earning a perfect credit score takes time and isn’t an overnight process. You will need at least three years of positive payment history and a diverse mix of loans and credit accounts. This will show lenders and credit unions that you have the ability to manage various types of loans and credit accounts. 

To get the ideal mixture, you’ll want to have a few major credit cards, a home or property loan and a miscellaneous installment loan. If you can keep all of those plates in the air, maintain low balances on each line of credit and pat everything on time, you’ll be well on your way to getting that perfect 800 credit score.

How Can Bloom Credit & Co. Help Improve Your Credit Score?

Hawthorne Auto Center cares deeply for our customers and wants them to have a head start on getting that perfect credit rating. That’s why we have invited the acclaimed credit restoration company Bloom Credit & Co. to host a bi-weekly budget planning and wealth strategies seminar at our dealership. 

Each seminar lasts an hour with free coffee and bagels being served. The first one will take place on March 15th at Hawthorne Auto Center which is located at 11646 PRAIRIE AVE, HAWTHORNE, CA 90250. The event is FREE.

If getting an 800 credit score is one of your goals, hiring a Certified Credit Consultant would be a good investment. Bloom Credit & Co. is a Credit Restoration that specializes in rebuilding poor credit. Our six month Credit Enrichment Program positions and educates our clients on strategies to achieve a healthy credit profile which includes a credit score of 800. 

For more information contact us directly at (866) 707-7664 and speak to a credit professional on starting your credit journey. Or RSVP today by filling out the form above to find out how you can get on the path to success and credit perfection.