How to Increase Your Car’s Resale Value

Buying a new car comes with several financial decisions and considerations. One example is the value of your car upon trade-in, which can make your new/used car all that more affordable. Whether you’re shopping around for new or used cars in Los Angeles, there are ways to increase your car’s resale value.

Proper maintenance keeps your ride in good condition and increases its value to a buyer. The most effective maintenance points include:

  • Limiting your mileage: The price of your car decreases the more miles it is driven. Look to keep it below round figures such as 100,000 miles. Potential buyers often look at psychological barriers when making their decision.
  • Sticking to a maintenance schedule: Aside from checking the brakes/fluids/suspension, repair even minor cosmetic issues, including trim pieces, and fix convenience features such as broken window regulators.
  • Keep it sheltered: Storage in a garage can protect your vehicle from sunlight and weather, while staying parked under a tree puts it at risk from falling branches, sap, bird droppings, and other unsightly and potentially harmful elements.
  • Clean it regularly: Your ride will be more valuable if it appears well-kept. Clean the interior and exterior regularly, clean trash from the side and glove compartments, and don’t smoke or travel with a dog in the car.
  • Practice safe driving: The more safely you drive, the less likely you’ll get into a collision. If you repair collision damage, make sure the shop uses factory parts, and save all receipts to show the buyer you are honest.
  • Get new tires: Worn treads, leaky air, and an old appearance can reduce your car’s curb appeal. Any buyer may look elsewhere, but if it looks like you care for the vehicle, the effect can be much more favorable.

Preparing Your Car for Resale

Sure, some cars have a higher resale value than others. However, you can’t change the old car that you have. You can prepare it for resale by choosing a time to sell, such as when fuel prices are low, and soon after you replace damaged components. The most valuable fixes include affordable ones such as replacing lights, repairing cracked windshields, replacing worn out tires, and fixing dents and scratches.

A thorough cleaning and waxing helps too. Lastly, check with several dealers to see who offers the best figure. Your research can yield a higher value for your ride and a better deal with a trade-in, potentially saving you a substantial amount of money.

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