The days are gone when cutting triangles made for good pumpkin carving. Artists have turned to detailed stenciling and Halloween has become a time to express creativity. Car stencils are all the rage, which you’ll find on Pinterest and other social sharing sites. A Los Angeles used car dealership isn’t the only place you’ll find beautiful rides—here is a list of our top five favorite pumpkin carvings, plus some tips on how you can create your best car pumpkin carving too.

  1. Your family SUV on a single pumpkin, right on the surface. Don’t even cut all the way through; just draw right on the surface using clay sculpting tools, X-Acto knives, lemon zesters, or whatever works.
  1. A vintage car will do, especially when you combine your creation with plentiful internal light to create a flaming ride that leaves an impression on all.
  1. It’s all about perspective. Pumpkins are about as pliable as clay when it comes to art and design, so why not have the action coming at the viewer head on?
  1. Who says you can’t go 3D? Pumpkins, being the carvable plants they are, can be taken apart, shaped, and put together any way you want.
  1. Carve your favorite brand and even give your ride some volume by completing it with some interior depth.

 How to Carve a Pumpkin

First off, you want to carve out all the insides, or you’ll be left with one wet, sloppy mess. It also helps to avoid cutting the top of the pumpkin. There are still nutrients and moisture in the remnants of the stem, but you can keep this lifeline intact and maintain structural integrity by cutting through the back. 

Lighting a pumpkin is the topper of any design. A heat source, however, will cook it, but an LED or CFL light source will provide plentiful light without harm. If you need time to preserve your perfect jack o’lantern, wrap it in plastic and stick it in the fridge. This should provide a few more days of life.

If you’re creating an elaborate design, one of the most effective pumpkin carving tips is to keep it moist. A pumpkin can lose a lot of moisture in a single day. Keep spraying it with water. A wet pumpkin is easier to work with, and you may add valuable time to complete your work.

Also, don’t start carving until the last minute. Even if it takes several hours, set aside the day before, because the pumpkin will start decomposing as soon as the first cut. Longevity is unpredictable, so you’re best carving a pumpkin two or three days in advance.

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