Poor or No Credit Car Dealership in Los Angeles

Cars are becoming progressively more expensive to purchase and maintain. As we head towards 2018, we see a number of new models rolling into the market, many which may seem unattainable for those with poor or no credit.

Auto Loans on Zero or Bad Credit

For a majority of the population, their credit score is a very big issue. An even bigger issue is having no credit established at all, which is increasing among American adults as well. In conditions like these, one has to ask whether it is even possible to get an auto loan without any sort of credit at all.

Rest assured; it is possible to get an auto loan with no credit. Here is how you can pull it off.

Calculate Your Budget Accurately and Realistically

This is perhaps the most important step of all, since you will have to pay something, irrespective of what your credit history is. Aim to get a loan for a car which you can realistically afford to pay back. Calculate the budget for the installments as well as the down payment in order to get an idea for how much you will have to spend each month.

Look Around for Good Deals

There are a number of auto financing providers who can sell vehicles without credit, such as Hawthorne Auto Square. All you have to do is look for one that offers the best deal, in terms of markup and monthly installment amounts. Some providers will offer cars with lower monthly payments but a higher down payment, and vice versa. You will have to decide which is better after considering your budget.

Get Someone to Cosign

A cosigner can share the responsibility of the loan, in terms of security, making sure that if there are any possible discrepancies, they can be avoided promptly. A cosigner can also be an insurance measure of sorts, making you look good on the credit front, in front of an auto loan provider.

Get a Loan from a Bank

The bank you have been doing business with for a certain period of time is more likely to assist you with an auto loan, rather than an establishment you have not interacted with. A bank is a much better option in terms of installments as well, since they typically have multiple loan options, which negates the need to shop around.

Amass a Hefty Down Payment

A bigger down payment will not only get you a loan much more easily, but it will also enable you to get lower interest on the installments.

At Hawthorne Auto Square we can help you finance a car no matter your credit situation, because we won’t check your credit. Get the car you want without the hassle: buy here, pay here!

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