Fuel Economy Tips for Summer Driving

For many, the summer months mean plenty of long road trips to the lake, to vacation destinations, to visit family, and more. Of course, these extra road trips can really increase the amount of money that you spend on gas. This is especially true when you consider the fact that running the air conditioner at full blast – which is often a summertime necessity – decreases your fuel economy by up to 25%. If you would like to help reduce your pain at the pump while driving in Los Angeles this summer, check out these fuel saving tips. 

Reduce Your AC Usage

Since running your AC can reduce your fuel economy by up to 25%, it follows that cutting back on your AC usage is the best way to get more mileage out of your fuel during the summer. At low speeds, roll the windows down to keep air circulating in the car, and try to avoid turning the fan on your AC higher or the temperature lower than is needed to keep you comfortable. It is important to note, though, that driving with the windows down at highway speeds actually reduces your fuel economy more than running your AC by making your vehicle less aerodynamic and forcing the engine to work harder. 

Drive the Speed Limit

Did you know that speed limits were originally put into place in order to save fuel during an oil shortage rather than to increase safety? The faster you drive the more fuel it takes to travel the same amount of distance. There are plenty of calculators that will show you just how much speeding affects fuel economy, but suffice it to say that if you keep it under the speed limit you’ll certainly spend less on fuel this summer. 

Park in the Shade

The cooler your vehicle is when you get into it the less you will have to run your AC to get it down to a comfortable temperature, so you should always try to park in the shade when possible. When you first take off, you should also roll your windows down to let out the hot air in your vehicle before you turn your AC on. 

Drive a Vehicle that gets Great Fuel Economy

All of the driving tips outlined above will certainly help you save on fuel this summer. However, if you’re driving a gas-guzzler there’s only so much you can do to cut back on fuel costs. Today, newer vehicles are getting better and better at mileage with every year that goes by- so much so that having a vehicle that’s just a few model years newer can make a huge difference when it comes to fuel economy. 

At Hawthorn Auto Square, we have a wide range of quality pre-owned vehicles, plenty of which offer excellent fuel economy. If you would like to trade your current vehicle in on a newer, more economic vehicle that will help you save on gas this summer, we invite you to stop by Hawthorn Auto Square today or browse our inventory to see the vehicles that we have available.