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Having bad credit should not keep you from getting a car. However, there are certain things you need to know before taking that car back home. People, more often than not, dive right into financing a car with poor credit, which only creates more problems in the future. To make sure you don’t have to go through those problems, below are seven things that you need to know about getting a car with bad credit.

#1 It’s Not Necessarily Bad

A lot of people live under the mistaken notion that when they have a bad credit, buying anything is a bad idea. That is not necessarily true when it comes to financing a car. Auto dealers offer auto loans at quite reasonable rates. With payments that you can easily afford, getting a car presents little to no financial hiccups.

#2 You Can Get the Loan!

Don’t compare yourself to someone you may know who was unable to obtain an auto loan. Auto financiers take a lot of factors into account. You could be the perfect candidate to acquire a bad credit auto loan.

#3 Rates Can Vary

While opting for a car, always bear in mind that you already have bad credit. This means that you should shop around to see what rates different lenders are offering. People often fall prey to a car salesman’s tricks and don’t investigate other options. Make sure you research the market to find bad credit auto loans from a dealer at reasonable rates.

#4 Pre-Approval Can Help

Having a bad credit auto loan pre-approved can also come in handy. For starters, you are able to deal with an auto dealer on more even terms. Furthermore, shopping for a car becomes much easier with a pre-determined amount at your disposal.

#5 Check the Car

There is a reputation among some auto dealers for making use of a customer’s bad credit situation and offering them faulty cars on low credit. While you get to pay less interest, you are made to pay a higher rate of leaving with a faulty car. Therefore, always make sure that the car you are buying is worth the amount you’re paying for it.

#6 Rushing Can Be Costly

Often when people with bad credit realize they can easily get financed to buy a car, they get excited and make impulse decisions. Don’t do that. Rushing a decision can lead you to getting a loan on higher rates or getting a car in faulty condition. Always be patient while buying a car, as with any large purchase.

#7 Draw A Timeframe

Make sure that you apply for bad credit auto loans and get one within a two-week period. This is because the financiers you apply to for the loan are likely to check your credit situation. All the checks within a 2-week period are counted as one inquiry, which does not affect your already-bad credit score. Multiple credit inquiries beyond a two-week period can adversely affect your credit score.

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