Family time in the car is undoubtedly increasing.With cars becoming more fuel efficient, gas prices at a reasonable level, and many great models out there, holiday road trips are all the rage. Adults,children, babies, and toddlers, and even elderly family members go along for the ride, especially during the holiday season. And there’s nothing wrong with shopping for used cars. There are in fact many family friendly used cars you can find to meet your needs.

It’s not just fuel economy and low gas prices that make used cars affordable. Depreciation is another factor that drops a car’s price as soon as it leaves the lot. A car just two or three years old, therefore, is more affordable, yet has many of the same features newer ones do. Given how well most cars are built, you can expect such a ride to last your family many years.

All that considered, here are some of the most family friendly used cars on the market:

  • Toyota Prius v: Large and roomy for families, the Prius comes with the great mileage any Prius does. It has plenty of legroom and 34.3 cubic feet of cargo space with all seats ready for use. The four-door hybrid wagon incorporates lane departure alert, adaptive cruise control, and other optional driver-assist features as well to keep your family safe.
  • Toyota Camry: The 2018 model year won U.S News & World Report’s Best Midsize Car for Families award, but recent model years aren’t far behind. Its response, fuel-efficient engine, and infotainment system are all pluses. The Camry is rated high in predictability and for safety. A used Camry, even as new as 2016, can save you thousands of dollars.
  • Ford Fusion Hybrid: The most current generation (2013-2017) models are elegant yet suited for all family members. Tall passengers are accommodated by a sizable rear seat. The sedan offers generous interior storage and 12 cubic feet of cargo room. It also includes the MyKey feature. Parents can therefore adjust settings to help their teens learn to drive safely.
  • Hyundai Sonata: A redesign in 2015 provided interior improvements to benefit taller passengers, along with a 16.3 cubic-foot trunk. The cabin offers comfort whether driving locally or long distance. Satellite radio and Bluetooth connectivity provide convenience in any number of family-oriented circumstances.
  • Honda Accord: The Accord is spacious and offers plenty of storage. Its generous fuel economy allows for savings while you’re on the road. The previous generation,introduced with the 2013 model year, was the brand’s ninth, and still meets the many needs of traveling families with passengers of all ages.
  • Mazda6: Noted for its top-notch control, steering, and acceleration, the Mazda6is a family sedan you can rely on. The 2014-2017 model years are certainly family friendly. There’s ample trunk space and the cabin is cozy and nicely designed. It’s therefore a sedan well worth considering to support your family’s travel needs.

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