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Nuestro departamento de finanzas sin estrés facilita las aprobaciones y mantiene su pago bajo.

Si usted está buscando un concesionario de autos usados ​​en Los Angeles or the surrounding area with a comprar aquí pagar aquí model of business, Hawthorne Auto Square has the pricing plan made for you. Our in house financing is all about streamlining the process so that you can find the perfect car and drive off the lot with it the same day. We’re a Los Ángeles usó concesionario de automóviles that offers high quality used automobiles for a great price with even better financing options to meet any budget.

Si usted está buscando un used car dealer in Los Angeles que trabaja con opciones de pago inicial bajo y sin préstamos de verificación de crédito, stop by Hawthorne Auto Square today. We’ll put you in a great car that meets your budget, stress free.

Servicio de mantenimiento

Ahora ofrece una garantía completa de 6-month en cada automóvil en el lote.

At Hawthorne Auto Square, each of our gently used cars is thoroughly evaluated before we offer it for sale. Our customers can rest assured the car they’re driving off the lot is safe and has gone through an extensive inspection. Buying used is a sound way to purchase your next vehicle because you will be receiving a high quality for a fraction of the sticker price. We make sure that you’re getting a model that performs excellently, as well.

Con la confianza de miles

We’ve helped thousands of people with bad credit obtain financing and low monthly payments.

At Hawthorne Auto Square, we’re proud of our great customer service. Our dedicated staff works hard to make sure that each customer who comes through the door finds the perfect used car for them. We consistently garner altas calificaciones in customer reviews but more than that, we’re ecstatic to put so many families in great, dependable, beautiful cars with our comprar aquí pagar aquí financing models. Customers who have visited our Los Angeles used car dealership usually finds that our financing options allow them to finally afford their dream cars.

We take great pride in helping people find the best car for their budget and needs – often far above the type of vehicle they thought they’d be able to. We take the awesome reviews, high recommendations, and return customers as a sign that we’re above and beyond what most people expect in a typical Los Angeles used car dealer.

Amplia gama de marcas

Una robusta selección de marcas populares disponibles, así como vehículos de lujo desde BMW hasta Bentley.

En Hawthorne Auto Square, ofrecemos un amplia gama de marcas y modelos for any style and sensibility. All of our gently used cars are available with our comprar aquí pagar aquí financing options. If you’re looking for a used car dealer near Los Angeles that can get you in your dream car today, look no further. We’re proud to offer a great selection of gently used luxury cars, such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW y Lexus. If you’re in the market for something more understated, we also have a great selection of high quality, great performance vehicles, such as Esquivar, Chevy, Honda y Ford.

Customers shopping at our Los Angeles used car dealership can find plenty of options for their next new car. At Hawthorne Auto Square, we stand behind our maintenance and car service & also offer a six-month warranty on every single car on the lot.


Con especialistas a su disposición para ayudar con cualquier parte de la experiencia de compra de automóviles o propiedad de vehículos, Hawthorne Auto Square ofrece financiamiento, servicio de autos y una gran selección de vehículos para compradores de autos en Los Angeles, CA.