Trusted Los Angeles Used Car Dealership

Let’s imagine you are among the vast majority of individuals in the country with a credit history that does not allow for seamless auto financing without any hassle. Suppose you have been turned down by the traditional dealer, as well as the bank. In this case, you have very few options when it comes to getting the car of your dreams, nevermind the average vehicle.

The ‘Buy Here, Pay Here’ Dealership

Fortunately, the buy here, pay here dealership is still a good option for such people, since it is one of the easiest ways to secure a car without having to improve your credit score, and/or arrange for more finances.

Simply put, buy here, pay here dealerships provide vehicles along with financing options, something that had previously been relegated to banks and bigger, higher-end dealerships. The former has a structure dedicated to a car loan system, and the latter has a vast variety of vehicles to choose from. A buy here, pay here vendor, on the other hand, has the most convenience of both options: financing the car at the dealership, complete with all the necessities of a car financing package.

This works really well if you:

  • Have a bad credit score and are unable to find a bank that is agreeing to provide you with a loan.
  • Have insufficient cash and want to finance a more expensive car than you could otherwise afford.
  • Have both a good credit score and enough cash, but do not want to visit multiple dealers and fill out various sorts of paperwork.

A buy here, pay here lot acts as a one-stop solution to the car financing woes of those with less-than ideal credit, allowing them to achieve their dream of owning and driving a car at a fraction of the conventional financing rates.

A bad credit score can get you into tight spots in other areas of life, especially if you are looking to finance a large purchase. However, with buy here, pay here car dealerships, even people with terrible credit or no credit at all can go in and walk out the proud new owners of a vehicle.

Come and see what makes buy here, pay here dealers, and Hawthorne Auto Square, so unique: we can finance anyone and have a huge selection of vehicles to choose from!  Just head over to 11646 Prairie Ave, Hawthorne, CA 90250 and see for yourself!