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Many truck drivers are loyal to specific models or certain brands, but anyone who is shopping for a used truck for the first time may not be privy to the gas vs. diesel debate.

In other words, a consumer who shows up at the dealer, and searches for a used truck, is always split between either gas or diesel powered trucks. Here is a comparison of gas vs. diesel trucks to help you make the best decision possible.


If the efficiency of your used truck is your first priority then you ought to consider going with diesel. Compared to to gasoline, diesel engines offer 30% more mileage. While you may find diesel more expensive than gas from time to time, the improved mileage provided by a diesel engine is advantageous in the longer run.


If you choose to go with a diesel truck, the regular maintenance might be more expensive, in part because a diesel engine consumes more oil than a gas engine. Moreover, parts like water separators and fuel filters need frequent replacement. This means that you will incur heavy bills at the dealership and body shop. With that being said, it should be noted as well that a diesel engine lasts longer on average than a gas engine. Hence, the reliability of a used truck with diesel engine is often better and long-term.


Both diesel and gas engines offer power in distinct ways. Gas engines offer more power (higher revolutions/minute) and rev through any gear faster. This translates to more horsepower than drivers tend to get with diesel engines. Hence, if you drive around the town and need to be at places quickly, a gas engine is a more suitable option.

Conversely, with a diesel engine, you get more torque than a gas-powered counterpart. This is because of higher compression ratios. A diesel engine used truck is definitely best to carry heavy loads or pull trailers.


Gas trucks are relatively cheap compared to diesel trucks. The diesel trucks are designed to endure high compression ratios that are required by diesel fuel. The durability of diesel engines provides a longer life for such trucks. Hence, in comparison to a gasoline engine, a diesel truck and its engine lasts much longer.

Overall Drivability

A diesel engine is usually noisier and rougher. This makes the diesel powered used-truck a hard option to live with especially on a regular basis. Comparatively, a gasoline truck is a better option than a diesel truck as far as it relates to noise. A diesel engine often comes with several unpleasant issues such as emitting exhaust odors and toxic nitrogen oxide. All of this is not always a pleasurable experience.

Whenever you are at a used car dealership looking for a gas or diesel truck, don’t forget to take these factors into account. Choose the one that best suits your everyday needs, and this will make your used-truck buying experience a lot more rewarding.

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