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Most people buy a full-sized, pre-owned truck to carry, haul, or tow stuff. This means the truck has to be close enough to bulletproof. This is particularly true when we speak of the transmission, engine, or drive train.

For the same reason, you need to have a solid understanding of different models of trucks and which ones can best perform the tasks you need them to. To assist you with that, we have compiled a list of options you might want to consider. This list contains names of some of the best pre-owned full-sized trucks with solid track records concerning transmission, engine, dependability, and drivetrain. All of them display multi-year proficiency and reliability.

Chevrolet Avalanche: 2009–2013

The Chevrolet Avalanche is a short-bed, crew-cab, 5 to 6 passenger pickup truck. It offer removable rear cab wall, and the rear seats can easily be folded down, expanding the cargo bed length. The truck is equipped with a V-8 engine at 5.3-liters, generating 320 horsepower. The Active Fuel Management technology enables the V-8 engines to work on 4 cylinders under low-load conditions. The Avalanche can carry and tow a payload of about 1231 lbs. and 8000 lbs., respectively. Hence, anyone who is looking for an SUV-like appearance, and passenger capacity in a truck should give the Chevy Avalanche a look.

Ford F-150: 2005-2014

This is one of the best selling trucks in the U.S. and is a great option to go for if you don’t want a four-wheel-drive model. These models are offered in extended, regular, and crew-cab styles which are combined with various powertrain and bed length combinations. The engine ranges from a 4.2-liter, 202-horsepower, V-6 to a 6.2-liter, 411 horsepower, V-8. Except for the V-6, all of these are paired with 4 or 6-speed automatic transmissions. The Ford F-150 can haul and tow around 3120 lbs. and 11300 lbs. when it is equipped properly.

GMC Canyon: 2009-2012

The GMC Canyon is known as the Chevy Colorado twin. The truck is compact and offers strong mechanical reliability. The model is extended, regular, and crew-cab body style. The model comes with a trim level choice which may be equipped with different packages, adding more credibility in the dirt or on the road.

The truck offers a 2.9-liter, 185 horsepower, 4-cylinder; 3.7-liter, 5-cylinder, 242 horsepower; and a V-8, 5.3 liters, 300 horsepower engine. The truck has the capacity to carry the payload of 1741 lbs. and tow almost 5500 lbs. However, this depends on the configuration. Indeed, this does not qualify for the first position in the list of best pre-owned full-sized trucks. Before settling for Canyon, it may be worthwhile to check for some other models first.

Honda Ridgeline: 2006-2014

If you prefer dependability and reliability, then this truck deserves an honest look. The truck is a 5-passenger vehicle which comes with a cargo bed of 5-foot. Similar to Chevy Avalanche, the Ridgeline takes up SUV platform. It can carry maximum 1100 lbs and tow almost 5000 lbs.

The model comprises 250 horsepower, V-6, 3.5-liter engine. It is a standard 4-wheel drive. Indeed, Ridgeline is more like a pickup trucklet than a conventional truck. While the model has been discontinued, it is definitely a considerable option as a full-sized pre-owned truck.

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