Pickup trucks are often associated with rural owners and outdoors enthusiasts. If you only include these truck owners, you’re leaving out the millions of people who enjoy the benefits of new trucks and some of the best used trucks on the market. You can find pickup trucks on suburban roads, in cities, and on highways. If you’re looking for used trucks in Hawthorne, here are some benefits of owning one of these cultural icons.

The Power of Transport

The bed of a pickup truck can hold just about anything. The larger the bed, the better. Load up a few bicycles for a family ride around the park or gather your belongings for a move. Pickups are so versatile that contractors and construction workers depend on them for their versatility and capacity.

Even more, the truck isn’t limited to what’ll go in its bed. Some pickups have towing capacities exceeding 10,000 pounds. If you’re planning a camping trip, this means you can set up a hitch, bring along your camper, or haul a boat.

Built for Safety

Pickup trucks may seem rugged, but they offer more safety than a standard car. A heavier, stronger metal body and boxed-style frame offer a high level of protection. Features such as vehicle stability control, trailer sway control, and side impact protection provide an advantage as well. Modern-day trucks also feature a cab safety cage design and improved seatbelts to keep everyone inside safe.

Better Visibility

The cabin is higher than a car or an SUV. With an enhanced view of the road, you can see farther and use this to your advantage. It’s possible to see sudden traffic slowdown, react quickly, and head to the next exit. Many trucks are now built to maximize visibility all around, as they feature large glass panels, larger rear-view mirrors, and more powerful windshield wipers.

Room for Comfort

As SUVs have become more popular, pickup truck manufacturers have stepped to the plate to refine their designs. Many pickups have four doors and seat up to five people. Higher end models even have heated leather seats, multi-zone climate control, and navigation systems.

A Perfect Fit for the Adventurer

There are many ways to fulfill your needs for transportation. A pickup truck is one that represents a lifestyle. If you’re an adventurer, outdoors enthusiast, camper, or hunter, there’s no limit as to how a truck can suit your needs. Even leave the pavement and tackle challenging terrain. If you’re headed to a remote campsite, an off-road trail is no problem. Some popular pickups, including the Dodge Ram and Chevrolet Silverado, have high horsepower engines, so you can get pretty much anywhere.

Pickup Trucks Grab Attention

There are men who ride pickup trucks to get women to notice them, then there are people who hope everyone will notice. A full-size pickup with diesel exhaust stacks (like the Ford F-350) will certainly get attention. Then again, sometimes all it takes is a pickup with an experienced driver to pull a neighbor’s car out of the snow or help a friend move.

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