Some car owners take great pride in car interior detailing. Understanding how to detail the interior of your car not only helps you feel better during your daily commute, but could increase the resale value should you decide to trade in your old car down the road. 

According to Car Wise, car interior detailing can boost the market value of your automobile by up to 15%. Of course, this all depends on the make, model, and upkeep of your car, but it greatly improves your chances of getting top dollar when you go to sell your car or trade-in your vehicle. Detailing the interior of your car will help protect the finishes and interior elements as the years of wear-and-tear tick by.  

Car detailing DIY enthusiasts know all the best car detailing methods and interior detailing products to get their rides looking like new on the inside. We’re here to share some of those coveted tips and tricks to get your car’s interior looking fly. 

1. Brush Out the Air Vents

Before vacuuming the interior of your car, you’ll want to brush out your interior air vents. A lot of dust accumulated on the outside and inside the flaps of your car’s air vents. Using a medium-strength bristled brush, spray a bit of furniture polish on it, and gently dust your air vents to rid them of any dirt or grime that may have collected there throughout the last year. Remember to wipe the brush clean after every vent before continuing to the next. 


2. Vacuum the Interior of Your Car

We all are familiar with vacuuming our cars out, but how thoroughly are we executing it. Take some time during your car interior detailing routine to really get in there. Remove floor pads and mats and utilize all of the different hose attachments to get in the nooks and crannies. When it comes to the mats and floor pads, shake them off (outside of your car) and vacuum them as well before returning them to your car’s floorboards. If you have plastic mats, use a water hose to pressure wash them and hang them out to dry before placing them back in your vehicle.


3. Clean Leather Upholstery

If you have leather upholstery, purchasing a leather cleaning kit is key. It is not recommended to use other chemicals to clean leather upholstery as it may damage the integrity of the leather and dry it out, forcing it to crack. Leather needs to be moisturized regularly, as well as buffing it clean. Use a soft cloth to apply the leather cleaner and gently buff out marks, dirt, and grime to bring back that buttery, new car leather finish. 


4. Fix Tears in Leather Seats

When you get a small tear in your leather or vinyl upholstery, don’t panic! A repair kit is inexpensive and only takes an hour to complete. Expect some wrinkles, but they will go away after the fix has been applied. Even if the color isn’t an exact match, it will look better than a huge hole or tear in your leather interior. 


5. Clean Cloth Upholstery

After vacuuming, you’ll want to clean the cloth upholstery by applying a upholstery cleaner solution. Depending on the product you choose, there may be some mixing involved. Consider using a spray bottle to apply the cleaner evenly to your upholstery. You don’t need to over-saturate the seats to successfully clean it. Follow directions on the product to get all of the stains and dirt off of the upholstered seats and interior of your car. 


6. Wipe Down the Interior

Tried and true, Armor All Cleaning Wipes are fantastic for wiping down the dashboard and center console of your car. Simply wipe down all surfaces that are not cloth or leather to reveal a glistening finish. Wait a few minutes, and using a dry, soft cloth, wipe down any additional cleaning substances that may have been left behind. 


7. Use a Computer Air Duster / Compressed Air

If you have ever worked in an office or are always on your computer, you’ve probably come in contact with those compressed air cans. These work well for car interior detailing. When the vacuum just doesn’t cut it, use these targeted, pressurized air cans to loosen debris that has accumulated in the cracks around the gear shift and dashboard. 


8. Use Silly Putty?

Not many folks are familiar with silly putty, especially when it comes to detailing the interior of a car, but it works like a charm. This is an insider tip for sure. What the compressed air and the vacuum doesn’t catch, reach for the sticky substance known as silly putty. For really stubborn and hard-to-reach crumbs, dirt, and mystery debris that get stuck in the fine cracks of your car’s interior, silly putty will get inside those tight spaces and lift out the gunk.


9. Deodorize Your Car

Are you a smoker? Do you have a dog that tends to jump in your car when he or she has gotten a little stinky at the dog park? Then you’ll likely need to deodorize your car on a regular basis. This will be the last step. Now that your car is clean, why not have it smell fresh, right? There are thousands of car deodorizers and sprays on the market today that come in a variety of scents. Use by spraying in your car, leaving one window cracked and your vehicle’s A/C fan on the recycle feature. This will ensure that the deodorizer is recycled throughout the interior. Turn the A/C off and allow it to sit with the windows rolled up for an hour. 

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