The idea of owning an electric car is exciting to many, but the cost often puts the prospect of buying one out of reach. Today, there are many used models now on the market. A used electric car can allow you to enjoy the perks of an electric vehicle (EV) at a lower price. In Southern California, popular models on the roads include the Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, Fiat 500e, and Tesla Model S. There are in fact many benefits to purchasing a used electric vehicle.

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1. Lower Price

Although you’ll miss out on the tax benefits of buying a new EV, you can purchase a pre-owned electric car at a much more reasonable price. For example, a used Nissan Leaf in California cost just over $12,000, on average in September 2020, and a used Fiat 500e came it at a tick over $9,000. In April 2018, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power introduced its used EV rebate program; by purchasing a two- to eight-year-old electric or plug-in hybrid, customers could receive $450, which in November 2019 was increased to $1,500. And this doesn’t include the lower fuel costs of owning an electric/hybrid vehicle.

2. Smoother Driving Experience

Without a gas-powered internal combustion engine, an EV performs much smoother. It is also quieter and does not have the same level of vibration, while the weight of the battery helps provide a firmer grip on the road. You can therefore depend on your vehicle in a wide range of driving conditions.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Pollutants emitted from the tailpipe of traditional vehicles create many environmental issues. Since EVs don’t produce tailpipe pollutants associated with global warming, they’re good for the environment and preferred by environmentally conscious drivers. It doesn’t require fuel from a gas station, which saves time, and the price of charging at a public charging facility or home is less; plus, many electrical power plants use renewable energy, which helps the environment even more.

4. Less Maintenance Required

Fewer parts means EVs require less maintenance and are not as likely to break down. Electric vehicle batteries usually last for a decade or more, so if you have a relatively low mileage on the odometer, there shouldn’t be a concern. And since there’s often less wear and tear on brakes, tires, and suspension systems, used EVs are often available in better condition.

5. Carpool Access

In California, drivers of electric vehicles are allowed to drive in the carpool lane. If the previous owner had a carpool access sticker, it is usually transferrable to the next owner. You can therefore have a faster commute and enjoy driving on a less congested road.

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